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WCM colored diamond brokers are also jewelers of the highest caliber who can and have designed pieces worthy of sale by Tiffany's and Christie's.  Our rings, earrings, pendants and broaches can be adorned with trillion, trapezoid, half-moon, step-cut, or fancy cut matched colored diamonds, brilliant white diamonds, sapphires, rubies, and emeralds in 18 karat gold, white gold, pink gold, and platinum settings.  WCM does not mark-up the cost of custom mountings for any of its colored diamonds; clients are able to deal directly with WCM jewelers with whom they can discuss design and cost.  This way, a WCM colored diamond client can receive not only favorable pricing on both the center colored diamond AND mounting, but the personal attention required in the design and fabrication of a world-class piece of very rare jewelry.  Send David Young an email at diamonds@wexfordcoin.com or call toll-free at (877) 855-9760 to discuss your requirements for fine colored diamond jewelry.

Vivid Blue 1.76 carat Emerald Cut GIA Certified Colored Diamond

1.76 carat Emerald Cut 
Rarest of ALL Diamonds, GIA Certified
7.76 x 6.74 x 3.92 mm
Very Good Symmetry
Very Good Polish
Even Color Distribution
No Fluorescence

Platinum & 18kt Gold Ring w/
Radiant Side Diamonds, x carats

GIA Certificate 


0.61 carat GIA Radiant Cut, VS2
Orangey Pink Colored Diamond
on 18kt rose and yellow gold ring with Two 0.31 carat GIA Pear Cut Yellow Diamonds, perfectly matched, SI2 Eye Clean.

GIA Certificate - Orangey Pink
GIA Certificates - Pear Yellows


7.73 carat GIA Radiant Cut
INTENSE Yellow Colored Diamond
(almost "Vivid" designation)
on Platinum and 18kt gold ring with Two 0.57 carat each Triangle Cut White Diamonds, perfectly matched, SI1 - 2 clarity

GIA Certificate - INTENSE Yellow

Intense Yellow 2.91 Carat Round Cut GIA certified Colored Diamond Ring

2.91 carat ROUND Cut (rare cut in Fancies!)
Fancy Intense Yellow, SI1 GIA Certified
Platinum & 18kt Gold Ring w/
2 Pear Cut Side Diamonds, .66 carats

GIA Certificate - INTENSE Yellow

Yellow 8.24 carat Radiant Cut Colored Diamond Ring

8.24 carat Radiant Brilliant Cut 
Fancy Yellow GIA Certified
Platinum & 18kt Gold Ring w/
2 Half Moon Step Cut Side Diamonds, .90 carats

GIA Certificate - Yellow

Yellow 6.47 carat Cushion Cut GIA Certifed Colored Diamond Ring

6.47 carat Cushion Cut 
Fancy Yellow GIA Certified
Platinum & 18kt Gold Ring w/
2 Cushion Cut Side Diamonds, 1.82 carats

GIA Certificate - Yellow

1.83 carat
Cushion cut
Fancy PINK, 
with 0.55 carats of VIVID PINK Round Diamonds in 18 kt. Pink Gold Ring

GIA Grading Report - CLICK TO VIEW
GIA Report

Fancy Pink 1.83 carat Cushion cut SI1 GIA-certified Colored Diamond Ring with Vivid Round Melee

Fancy Pink 1.83 carat Cushion cut SI1 GIA-certified Colored Diamond Ring with Vivid Pink Melee

The Queen of Sheba would be envious of whoever owned this outstanding display of very rare pink diamonds.  Extremely well crafted ring with even rarer round cut vivid pink diamonds surrounding the large pink cushion diamond and lining the band.  Almost an Art Deco style that never goes out of style. Such a magnificent jewelry piece will be very, very difficult to duplicate in the months and years ahead.  Superbly priced.

1.14 carat

GIA Grading Report - CLICK TO VIEW
GIA Report

Ring for $36,650 with 1.10 carats of 2 White Oval Cut Diamonds (G color, VS2-SI1 clarity) in Platinum setting, classic design.

Vivid Yellow ORANGE 1.14 carat Oval cut VS2 GIA-certified Colored Diamond Ring

Vivid Yellow ORANGE 1.14 carat Oval cut VS2 GIA-certified Colored Diamond

I felt this richly saturated ORANGE diamond deserved front row presentation.  Now if this is not an orange diamond like the citrus fruit that grows in abundant in Florida, then I have never seen one.  However, predominantly orange diamonds are not abundant by any stretch.  Orange is graded as the predominant color by GIA in this diamond, and only a handful of facet flashes are showing you the secondary, minor yellow coloration.  Another very rare diamond that we have obtained at a bargain price.  One could not go wrong with the Mrs. or Miss with this Platinum Orange Diamond Ring either, but the choice, as always, is yours.  We have spent a lot of time and effort trying to find orange diamonds over the years, and only 1 or 2 specimens as rich as this appear maybe in a 12-month period.

Wonderful selection of Fancy Colored Diamond and Gem combinations that are perfect for that high-end piece of custom jewelry.



1.44 ct. F Light Yellow OVAL - VS @$3955/CT--> $5,695 NET

.90 Blue Sapphire Trillions @ 1,200 NET





.91 ct. F Vivid Green-Yellow RADIANT -SI @$17,000/CT-->$15,470 NET



.16 ct. F Intense Greenish Yellow SI CUSHION @ $1500 NET 
25-27 pts. tcw Emerald Rounds @ $250 Net the Pair





.27 ct. F Yellowish Pinkish Orange HEART @ $2,630 NET
w/ 0.12 F Intense Yellow ROUNDS @$800 NET






.33 ct. F Intense Purplish PINK (Hofer Report) @$8,875 NET

.30 tcw. (2x Pcs.) F. PINKISH PURPLE and PURPLISH PINK Cushions @$3,365 NET